My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

It all started a few years ago, maybe not so long ago, when I first set my eyes on the Belgian superstar. I was quietly sitting in my French class , not expecting to be attacked by greatness, when someone decided to blast the classroom with the sounds of "Papaoutai". Me being me, I laughed … Continue reading My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

Albums that I cannot live without

Salut mes amis, Music is something that is very much apart of my life . From the time that I wake up to the time that I go to sleep - my favourite artists sooth and ignite me ! There are certain albums that I simply can't live without as they are a special part … Continue reading Albums that I cannot live without

Instagram accounts that you should be following !

Salut mes amis ! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting very frequently however I  promise that there are some awesome blog posts planned ! Today I give you a list of my favourite Instagrammers , as  I spend most of my time liking pictures on Instagram . There is something about the connection to … Continue reading Instagram accounts that you should be following !

Peace NOT Violence.

Salut mes amis ! The picture above displays the peace sign or does it ! Peace or violence ? Peace or violence? We all say things without actually  meaning them . There is always a double meaning to something . A hidden perspective . I am guilty of preaching things without understand the deeper essence … Continue reading Peace NOT Violence.