I Just Wanna Hug You Review

http://www.happynewyear2015pictures.net/ Happy New Year mes amis! Long time no blog! Haha - I'm sorry about my attempt at being funny . Well it wasn't that bad ,was it? Anyway It's a new year which means a new phase of dedication to you wonderful people who actually spend time reading my/our content. *Yay* This blog post … Continue reading I Just Wanna Hug You Review

Create your own fairytale

"Keep your feet on the ground When your head's in the clouds" - Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick Lyrics | MetroLyrics .I'm only 15. Sometimes we all get caught up in our lives and we end up saying things like "I'm only insert age" or "I'm too old to accomplish my dreams". Well I'm here … Continue reading Create your own fairytale