I've tried my best. I've done everything that I can for you but you still don't see me. Why is that, I'm I not good enough An alien for you to gawk at A prisoner of your deadly stare Is it okay for me to be locked up in your venomous smile? Release me from … Continue reading Unravel

When print was in …

Salut mes amis! Back in the day, more like 2 - 3 years ago, magazines used to rule the fashion industry with a whip .However, things have changed since then and fashion has now been taken over by the digital era. Some of you will question my argument saying that Vogue magazine and Elle magazine … Continue reading When print was in …

The benefits of Argan Oil

Salut mes amis ! Weeks have turned into months and months have turned into years since I have spoken to you about my skin journey and what I have been doing to get rid of my teenage prone acne skin . Last time we discussed the wonderful effects of wearing sun protection daily as the … Continue reading The benefits of Argan Oil

Oaffing around with Lazy Oaf

To quote myself  "Lazy Oaf is a graphic fashion label founded by Gemma Shiel , who after leaving University with a degree in textile design and screen printing began making t-shirts and selling them on a market stall. . This eventually turned into turning it into a business (an amazing business). Read more about it here." Salut mes amis! Lazy Oaf is … Continue reading Oaffing around with Lazy Oaf

I heart Makeup ! Review

Salut mes amis ! I was meant to write this post almost 100 years ago (cue exaggeration) but I haven't been able to get around to it . Except for now . While I was in Spain I picked up the I Heart Eye Shadow Palette "I Heart Passion", I absolutely adore the palette and I wanted … Continue reading I heart Makeup ! Review

LFW day 1: Bora Aksu SS16

Salut mes amis ! I can't believe that London Fashion Week is here already ! It's been a fabulous few days so far and not so surprisingly rainy . On Friday 18th , I decided to go and check out Golden Square where LFW is hosting a public screening of all the shows and pop-ups … Continue reading LFW day 1: Bora Aksu SS16

DIY Pen/Pencil pots

Salut mes amis ! Today for Inspirational Wednesday , I thought that I would share with you an easy DIY for back to school /  office organisation . I absolutely love creating things especially practical ones like this pen/pencil pot ! Shall we begin : What you will need : 1 or 2 tin cans … Continue reading DIY Pen/Pencil pots

Inspirational quotes to keep you going

"Peace will win and fear will lose " - Twenty one pilots "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves " -William Shakespeare "The struggle you'rein today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow " "Head up, stay strong . Fake a smile and move on ." I hope … Continue reading Inspirational quotes to keep you going

3 ways to add your inner princess to your look

Salut mes amis ! Like most people I grew up (and I am still growing up ) surrounded by Disney and inevitably Disney princesses . I absolutely love Disney princesses and sometimes I want to copy their style without looking like a creepy 15 year old in a Halloween costume. So  enjoy my 3 looks … Continue reading 3 ways to add your inner princess to your look

The Unkown by Edgar Lee Masters

(Photography by Hiroshi Sugimoto) Ye aspiring ones, listen to the story of the unknown Who lies here with no stone to mark the place. As a boy reckless and wanton, Wandering with gun in hand through the forest Near the mansion of Aaron Hatfield, I shot a hawk perched on the top Of a dead … Continue reading The Unkown by Edgar Lee Masters