Weekly Playlist #2

Paramore -Misery Business Seventeen -Healing Louane - Je vole Adele - When we were young Bruno Mars - Gorilla Whitney Houston - The greatest love of all Twenty one pilots - Kitchen sink Paramore - Brick by Boring brick   LaFortune

10 songs to start your week with #1

Nina- Ed Sheeran Fronting-Seventeen Storm Passes Away - Jake Bugg OMG-Seventeen Daydreaming- Paramore Kimi To Futari Nara - Crystal Kay Monday to Saturday -Seventeen It gets better-fun. Chambre 12- Louane Butterfly-BTSButterfly-BTS   Lafortune  What songs should I add to this week's playlist?  

Why music captivates:‏

There is something magical about the way music can influence one's mood,emotions and thoughts. Whilst listening to one's favourite tune your heart beat can drop instantly. Music can be a drug to calm us but also a fiery substance that could negatively influence us. I'm a massive introvert and with that comes my reliance on … Continue reading Why music captivates:‏

My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

It all started a few years ago, maybe not so long ago, when I first set my eyes on the Belgian superstar. I was quietly sitting in my French class , not expecting to be attacked by greatness, when someone decided to blast the classroom with the sounds of "Papaoutai". Me being me, I laughed … Continue reading My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

Albums that I cannot live without

Salut mes amis, Music is something that is very much apart of my life . From the time that I wake up to the time that I go to sleep - my favourite artists sooth and ignite me ! There are certain albums that I simply can't live without as they are a special part … Continue reading Albums that I cannot live without

Create your own fairytale

"Keep your feet on the ground When your head's in the clouds" - Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick Lyrics | MetroLyrics .I'm only 15. Sometimes we all get caught up in our lives and we end up saying things like "I'm only insert age" or "I'm too old to accomplish my dreams". Well I'm here … Continue reading Create your own fairytale

Inspirational Wednesday : It is not as hard as it seems

Inspired by : You , Me, Us Salut mes amis ! It is not as hard as it seems , it is all in your head . Those thoughts dipped in doubt and soaked in anxiety are dark clouds inhibiting your light to shine . Throw away your fears of tomorrow as tomorrow will forever … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday : It is not as hard as it seems

French Speaking Artists You Should Listen To !

Salut mes amis ! I do not count my self as being an expect on everything and anything about the French language and it's music . However I am an avid listener of said music and would like to share with you my current French playlist . These songs can be enjoyed by those who … Continue reading French Speaking Artists You Should Listen To !