Street style ideas I will be stealing #1

Pinterest is one of the world's largest photo hubs with the ability to inspire and cultivate new ideas. I absolutely love login in and viewing thousands and thousands of outfits, recipes, nails, quotes et cetera. Here are my favourite pins this week to inspire your wardrobe: Lafortune For more … Continue reading Street style ideas I will be stealing #1

Brand Highlight: Leighton Denny

Salut mes amis ! After receiving Leighton Denny nail polishes last Christmas I  became curious about the brand and what the nail polish offers. As a nail fanatic I was delighted to hear that the brand actually care about the condition of our nails and sell many products to aid our nail needs . The … Continue reading Brand Highlight: Leighton Denny

When print was in …

Salut mes amis! Back in the day, more like 2 - 3 years ago, magazines used to rule the fashion industry with a whip .However, things have changed since then and fashion has now been taken over by the digital era. Some of you will question my argument saying that Vogue magazine and Elle magazine … Continue reading When print was in …

The benefits of Argan Oil

Salut mes amis ! Weeks have turned into months and months have turned into years since I have spoken to you about my skin journey and what I have been doing to get rid of my teenage prone acne skin . Last time we discussed the wonderful effects of wearing sun protection daily as the … Continue reading The benefits of Argan Oil

Top Pins this week

Salut mes amis ! Pinterest is one of my favourite places on the internet . It provides both inspiration and motivation for my sometimes lazy soul. I love going on there and witnessing all the creativity that it has to offer . Here are just some of my top Pins of this week : Fashion … Continue reading Top Pins this week

I heart Makeup ! Review

Salut mes amis ! I was meant to write this post almost 100 years ago (cue exaggeration) but I haven't been able to get around to it . Except for now . While I was in Spain I picked up the I Heart Eye Shadow Palette "I Heart Passion", I absolutely adore the palette and I wanted … Continue reading I heart Makeup ! Review

4 Fall Nail Trends You Need to Try

Salut mes amis ! Fall is here , and with it comes a whole different way to dress as the colder weather makes its way in . Here is my selection of Fall nail trends that you should try this season! 1.Marsala "Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle Marsala is a great go-to … Continue reading 4 Fall Nail Trends You Need to Try