Jamie Wei Huang AW15 : NYMPHOMANIAC

Salut mes amis ! "Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary womenswear label which combines conceptual ideas with modern silhouette." - london fashion week  I absolutely love Jamie Wei Huang's Autumn /Winter collection, each piece provokes a new emotion and her combination of fabrics is behold beautiful. I am also in love with the concept and … Continue reading Jamie Wei Huang AW15 : NYMPHOMANIAC

My Secret obsession : Sword Art Online (Anime) review

Salut mes amis! I am dreading writing this post but I know that I have to for all those Anime obsessed beautiful people out there . Ever since I was young I have always loved animation , very evident in my favourite movies including Happy feet and Tinker Bell . Then I was introduced to … Continue reading My Secret obsession : Sword Art Online (Anime) review