Weekly Playlist #2

Paramore -Misery Business Seventeen -Healing Louane - Je vole Adele - When we were young Bruno Mars - Gorilla Whitney Houston - The greatest love of all Twenty one pilots - Kitchen sink Paramore - Brick by Boring brick   LaFortune

10 songs to start your week with #1

Nina- Ed Sheeran Fronting-Seventeen Storm Passes Away - Jake Bugg OMG-Seventeen Daydreaming- Paramore Kimi To Futari Nara - Crystal Kay Monday to Saturday -Seventeen It gets better-fun. Chambre 12- Louane Butterfly-BTSButterfly-BTS   Lafortune  What songs should I add to this week's playlist?  

My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

It all started a few years ago, maybe not so long ago, when I first set my eyes on the Belgian superstar. I was quietly sitting in my French class , not expecting to be attacked by greatness, when someone decided to blast the classroom with the sounds of "Papaoutai". Me being me, I laughed … Continue reading My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

Albums that I cannot live without

Salut mes amis, Music is something that is very much apart of my life . From the time that I wake up to the time that I go to sleep - my favourite artists sooth and ignite me ! There are certain albums that I simply can't live without as they are a special part … Continue reading Albums that I cannot live without

French Speaking Artists You Should Listen To !

Salut mes amis ! I do not count my self as being an expect on everything and anything about the French language and it's music . However I am an avid listener of said music and would like to share with you my current French playlist . These songs can be enjoyed by those who … Continue reading French Speaking Artists You Should Listen To !

French Street Style : Françoise Hardy

Inspired by : http://www.vogue.com/8271791/francoise-hardy-french-girl-style/ Salut mes amis ! Tomorrow is my French speaking exam, to be honest I am a bit worried about it. Not that I am terrible at French but it is the whole fact that I will be getting assessed on the language that I love. Hopefully , everything will go as planned … Continue reading French Street Style : Françoise Hardy

Moseart by Stromae

Saut mes amis ! Stromae, Stromae,  Stromae . Where do I begin? Stromae(Paul Van Haver )one of my all time favourite artists in the world. He is a Belgian born singer-song writer. His music literally speaks words of wisdom and joy to me . His serenading voice fills the air when I'm excited, when I'm lonely and when … Continue reading Moseart by Stromae