Brand Highlight: Leighton Denny

Salut mes amis ! After receiving Leighton Denny nail polishes last Christmas I  became curious about the brand and what the nail polish offers. As a nail fanatic I was delighted to hear that the brand actually care about the condition of our nails and sell many products to aid our nail needs . The … Continue reading Brand Highlight: Leighton Denny


The benefits of Argan Oil

Salut mes amis ! Weeks have turned into months and months have turned into years since I have spoken to you about my skin journey and what I have been doing to get rid of my teenage prone acne skin . Last time we discussed the wonderful effects of wearing sun protection daily as the … Continue reading The benefits of Argan Oil

Top Pins this week

Salut mes amis ! Pinterest is one of my favourite places on the internet . It provides both inspiration and motivation for my sometimes lazy soul. I love going on there and witnessing all the creativity that it has to offer . Here are just some of my top Pins of this week : Fashion … Continue reading Top Pins this week

Autumn Wishlist

Salut mes amis ! This past week has been half term and with that comes a whole new Internet schedule and i'm telling you I have spent enough time on the web to write a book. Anyway, due to this I came across several items that I would love to own, very much like to … Continue reading Autumn Wishlist

I heart Makeup ! Review

Salut mes amis ! I was meant to write this post almost 100 years ago (cue exaggeration) but I haven't been able to get around to it . Except for now . While I was in Spain I picked up the I Heart Eye Shadow Palette "I Heart Passion", I absolutely adore the palette and I wanted … Continue reading I heart Makeup ! Review

4 Fall Nail Trends You Need to Try

Salut mes amis ! Fall is here , and with it comes a whole different way to dress as the colder weather makes its way in . Here is my selection of Fall nail trends that you should try this season! 1.Marsala "Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle Marsala is a great go-to … Continue reading 4 Fall Nail Trends You Need to Try

Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette review

Salut mes amis ! I have been wanting to do this post for such a long time, Makeup revolution is such a good brand with great products . I picked up one of the many Ultra blush palettes from Makeup revolution in "All about cream" a few months ago . To be honest I wasn't … Continue reading Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette review

Barry M Genie Lip Paint review

Salut mes amis ! Barry M is indeed popular for it's nail polishes but I think that the brand needs a massive round of applause for their Genie lip paint ! The lipstick 'magically' turns to a unique shade of pink for each and every person and I was surprised to actually Love the product … Continue reading Barry M Genie Lip Paint review

Summer nail trends 2015

Salut mes amis! It has been a long time since I have done a nail inspiration post ; but here is my Summer nails trends (2015 edition ) . 1. Natural glitter This is one trend that I have loved trying this summer. Glitter on bare nails is so simple yet so glam at the … Continue reading Summer nail trends 2015