Inspiré Par la mode is an online magazine produced by Lola Sodipo, a 19 year old university student.

Lola Sodipo began her writing career in 2012 when she created her first blog named ‘LaFortune’ ,which is no longer active. During the span of ‘LaFortune‘ she learnt how powerful it is to express your feelings and thoughts about the world. Also how in doing so, the world begins to seem more colourful. Although ‘LaFortune’ was mostly a Fashion website, as Lola grew she knew that her passion was finding all things that inspire her, fashion or not, and sharing it with the world. Thus, Inspiré Par La mode’ was born. A medium used to share all things that we stumble on that inspire us. This website has become a scrapbook of hope and an insight into the influential world in which we live in. Poetry, life commentaries and reviews are just a few of the things that are contained withinInspiré Par La mode’.

Inspiration may come from an unlikely source so join the Inspiration cycle Today!


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