The ocean that Cupid resides 

You provided warmth,

The heat of the war that rose inside me transformed

My inner thoughts.
You were never mine ,

Even though our stars align.
With every tick of the clock my life slips away

But I find comfort in this display.
They say that one’s life flashes before their eyes at this moment

Yet, all I wish for is our atonement.
All that fills the screen is you and me:

When we danced to the beating of our hearts,

If only we were aware of the ticking clock that loomed over us,

Then we may be able to redo

The love that we once knew,
Or could it incite the poisonous infatuation that once infected my parts,

An obsession with your tender touch, your light kisses against my cheek.
Sorrow fills my heart as I remember the souvenirs that exist from our time together,

For I was merely Plankton to your sea feather.
A role that I’m shamefully willing to play

If only I can spend my dying day,

with you.
Is it that hour?

The hour that I stop resisting the tide’s advances to swallow me whole,

My movements cease to be.

The ocean that Cupid resides submerges me,

 The Mildenhall Bacchic plate: Silver dish; with male and female figures dancing. Condition shots for ‘Buried treasure’ exhibition.

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