A Gift never Received 

Inspired by Machuca and the false hope that the socialist regime gave the people.
His thoughts ran far away from the conquest that loomed over him

Far away from the oppression that stared him right in the face

It was foreknown that he could not change his position in this world nor change the way that people thought about his kind

But somewhere deep inside, he had hope

He hoped for a better tomorrow

He hoped that one day he could stand a chance in this big wide world,

That would be the only gift that he would ever receive in this life,

A gift wrapped in red and sealed off with a yellow ribbon

One day, he caught a glimpse of this gift.

He tried with all his might to reach it.

He journeyed day and night to reach his prize – the prize that would change his life.

But his path became obstructed by a wall built with exploding spheres. Spheres that shattered every hope that he had

Spheres supplied by the one’s he believed were on his side.

Those who he believed were protecting him.

He could not do anything to change his fate

He had only one wrongdoing,

He hoped.


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