Sophia – A speck of Wisdom



“I used to think that it was basically suicide to start to care about something. That the moment you open your self to their embrace they swiftly attack you in your heart with knifes made from their words and actions that you can’t explain. “I thought that you cared for me too” you wonder about their intentions and the value that they place on you – you realise that you are just a small speck of their existence. You realise that to them you ARE insignificant.

Atleast you made a cameo in their short film. Atleast you an impact to their plot (even just a bit). For Love, which is a choice, can change all – uplift all. Choose to love and not hurt from this realisation. For you cannot control the movements of other’s minds but you can influence it so that one day instead of a cameo you get a lead role.”
Thoughts from 23 Jan


We all deserve a leading role.


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