A Nameless Love

Inspired by the animated movie: Your name.

If only I was brave enough to whisper it to the air.
To let the vibrations of the atoms send joyful signals to his ears.
But that would only awaken my fears.

I’m a coward.
I’m scared of exposing my feelings for him.
I’m afraid of looking him in the eye
And telling a lie,
A lie that I know that he wants to hear,
<<I don’t love you>>
Those words, not my own
Those words that I know that he secretly holds in his heart
And believes to be what’s in mine.

Your eyes,your smile,
The way you look at me when you think I’m not looking,
The imperfect bend of your lips whilst you laugh,
The deep frown in your forehead as you speak,
Telling me that our future is bleak.

The breath and depth of your soul
Sitting innocent in its coccoon
Unaware of the thing it stole.
Only the heart of a baboon
Which to you , is only worth a lump of coal.

The way I feel for you,
The way I weep for you,
Love,which is only filled with hope


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