3 bloggers that changed my life

In the last decade Fashion blogs have exploded, with more and more online websites set up every single day. Since the day that I came to know and love the online fashion community there are some who have and always will inspire me. From their uniqueness to their strong sense of self- these bloggers or should I say online Curators have , unknown to themselves, truly inspired me.

The following list showcases some of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers:

Stella’s Wardrobe

One of my first ever blogs that I came across on the inter-web.Stella Kattermann, a creative and social media manager, grabs audiences with her unique and approachable style. In my opinion, she has not changed her goals or content to fit with the latest online trends through out the years. That is what I truly admire about her ; she has always put out content that I love and I believe that I will continue to love.

Style Bubble

What can I say about Susie Bubble or Susanna Lau ? She is the definition of creativeness in a human body. One would stop by for her clear and refreshing writing style and ground breaking outfits. I can remember google-ing “Fashion blogs” a few years ago and Style Bubble came up; after one click I began to dig deep into the world of fashion and the pleasure and pain that it brings.


The Blonde Salad

I 100% respect Chiara Ferragni and her crew that have worked on The Blonde Salad website and on her fashion brand. Ferragni has worked extremely hard through out the years to provide cutting edge articles on the fashion industry. She has not just influenced the fashion industry in a positive way but ,in my opinion, has shaped it in her own way.


Whilst there are people who can inspire and change the fashion industry through their thoughts and feelings we will begin to see changes in other areas of our lives through outspoken people.

LaFortune xx

What blog did you discover first?

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