Albums that I cannot live without

Salut mes amis,

Music is something that is very much apart of my life . From the time that I wake up to the time that I go to sleep – my favourite artists sooth and ignite me !

There are certain albums that I simply can’t live without as they are a special part of my life and their messages and beats are ingrained in my mind .

Here are just a few albums that I can’t live without :

1. In the lonely hour (Sam smith)

I cannot begin to express how much Sam smith means to me at this point in time. His voice is like a warm cup of hot chocolate at Christmas time with the rain beating heavily against the windows!

I believe that I know every lyric in that album and I am not ashamed of it . I feel as if I can connect with each song even though I have never gone through any of those experiences before. Nevertheless Sam Smith tricks your mind and your heart in believing that you have causing you to break down in an instance…
…Well that was my experience.

2. Racine Carrée ( Stromae)


I believe that I have already talked about my overwhelming love for Stromae ( Paul van haver) . He is by far one of my favourite artists and will always be . Maybe due to the fact that he was the first ever artist that I ever fan girled over. ( Seriously it was bad)


Racine Carrée or Square root is Stromae’s latest album ,which I own thanks to a friend . It has a different vibe from Cheese I would say but however many Stromae fans might disagree with me.


Music is something that means different things to different people; however I love how it can challenge our views or spark off different emotions inside us . In reality I probably could live without hearing the sweet voice of Sam Smith and being mentally caressed by Stromae. Despite this, they have impacted my life even in the smallest way and I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for music .

LaFortune xx

P.S What albums/artists can you not live without?

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