Oaffing around with Lazy Oaf


To quote myself  “Lazy Oaf is a graphic fashion label founded by Gemma Shiel , who after leaving University with a degree in textile design and screen printing began making t-shirts and selling them on a market stall. . This eventually turned into turning it into a business (an amazing business). Read more about it here.”

Salut mes amis!

Lazy Oaf is a brand that I have been acquainted with for a few years now . They are visually inspiring and weirdly brilliant . They have recently released a collaborative collection with internet sensation “Don’t Hug me I’m Scared”. With previous collaborations being absolutely amazing I was really excited to witness what genius creations Lazy Oaf have been up to . If I do say so myself they did not disappoint !

As a graphic fashion label ,Lazy Oaf emit an artistic flare that never fails to inspire me and hopefully you to. Check out their new collection bellow :

(Check out the whole Lookbook Here)


Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

Comment: Which piece are you dying to own ?


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