My Secret obsession: Shoes

Salut mes amis!

It’s no secret – Shoes are a blessing from above .

Some of you are probably thinking that the above statement is a massive exaggeration while the rest of you are nodding in appreciation for the statement. You might believe that shoes are just things that you wear on your feet to protect your feet from the horrors of the ground . However, I propose a different idea – We were born to walk barefoot but we choose to wear shoes. Oh not just any shoe ;for the majority of you reading this you probably pair your shoes to your outfit . I assume that you go to stores and look around the shoe aisle like it is the impressionists section at Tate Modern.

That’s the thing right there-Shoes are a piece of art . Some are made for you to gawk at ; others are there to make you feel something . Hatred , fear, pure delight and purely sick (not in a good way). That is the way that I feel about most things – If you make me feel something , anything at all, you must be special. Now you an take this two ways :

1. Shoes are special because they make me feel special in some way.


2. The way you view things says a lot about that object, person,thing – You get the gist. Right?

Woah, I digressed a bit from shoes but reality does that sometimes- It hides eye opening things in the most simple and what some call ‘materialistic’ things . Not always, but most of the time . You are probably wondering why you haven’t noticed this my answer is : You don’t look hard enough. This message is not just for you but it is for me too- We need to view things in more than one perspective.

It’s no secret – I am obsessed with shoes but there is way more to it than that.

LaFortune xx

Comment: What is your secret obsession ?


4 thoughts on “My Secret obsession: Shoes

  1. “I assume that you go to stores and look around the shoe aisle like it is the impressionists section at Tate Modern.”

    We simply love this line 🙂 M is guilty as charged, on both accounts!


  2. Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret 😛 shoes are not it, even though I love looking at them. Probably mine would be lipstick. I wear it everyday and can’t resist getting several shades or particular brands (pretty much the only time I pay attention to brands)

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