3 Street Style trends you should be following!

Salut mes amis !

Recently, I have been lingering around Pinterest, I have realised just  how much I love street style and implementing other people’s style into my outfits . This is why I love fashion; It is an unending cycle of inspiration   . Before I get all philosophical on you , here is 3 Street style trends you should be following:

1.There’s only one shade of grey

Think jumpers, vests and even suits . I love this trend for a long winter’s day .(the neutral blues)

2.Wrap me up

This trend incorporates a scarf in the outfit . I am one who loves a statement scarf in her outfit. Yes , yes, yes.

3. A spark of colour

Lastly , We all need A spark of colour especially on a Autumn/Winter’s day . Remember : Just because it is getting cold outside doesn’t mean our clouds have to reflect the temperature to !

Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

Comment: What is your favourite Street Style trend ?

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3 thoughts on “3 Street Style trends you should be following!

    1. 🙂 Comfortable boots with a good pair of socks are a must for me ! I’ve only recently found a good pair of boots to dance around in . I wish you the best on your new blogging journey !

      Thank you for commenting ,

      Lola xx

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