DIY Pen/Pencil pots

Salut mes amis !

Today for Inspirational Wednesday , I thought that I would share with you an easy DIY for back to school /  office organisation . I absolutely love creating things especially practical ones like this pen/pencil pot ! Shall we begin :


What you will need :

1 or 2 tin cans that you have recently used (it’s all about the recycling !)

Fabric scissors (You could use normal scissors if Fabric ones aren’t around)

Scrape pieces of fabric

Fabric glue  / hobby glue (The one I use was £1 from Tiger )

Measuring tape/ruler


Paint pot

Pen/fabric marker


To make the Pen/pencil pot is pretty simple …

1.Wrap the scrap pieces of fabric around the tin can and measure out how long the width and height of the fabric should be

Tip : Cut the fabric so the the length is greater than the can so that there is some fabric left to cover the top for a clean finish

2. Cut out the desired size with scissors

3. Carefully smoulder the Hobby glue on half of the tin can

4. Secure the fabric that you have cut out around the can .

Tip : Try to place it as close to the edges as possible 

5. Now place he Hobby glue on the other half of the tin can and secure the fabric to it

6. Finally glue the top edge down for a clean finish !

IMG_3237[1]  IMG_3235[1]

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have fun making this easy DIY project 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Are you looking forward to going back to school? 

2 thoughts on “DIY Pen/Pencil pots

  1. I love this pot! It looks amazing. I have just written a new blog post and would love it if you checked it out! Thank you and lovely post! ❤


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