French Speaking Artists You Should Listen To !

Salut mes amis !

I do not count my self as being an expect on everything and anything about the French language and it’s music . However I am an avid listener of said music and would like to share with you my current French playlist . These songs can be enjoyed by those who love the language ; those who are trying to learn the language and those who just like the sound of it . Let’s begin :

1.Stromae anything , Stromae everything

About: Paul Van Haver, better known by his stage name Stromae, is a Belgian singer, rapper and songwriter. He is originally from Laeken, in Brussels. He has established himself in both the hip hop and electronic music genres.

Evidently ,  Stromae (a Belgian born Dance/house artist) has a very special place in my heart for many reason that are not going to be mentioned here . Anyway , if you enjoy lively music with messages that would get you pondering about life then check him out .

2. Zaz

About : Isabelle Geffroy, better known by the nickname Zaz, is a French singer-songwriter who mixes jazzy styles, French variety, soul and acoustic. She is famous for her hit “Je veux”, from her first album, Zaz, released on 10 May 2010

Her voice is so soothing and the themes in her songs do get the heart and the mind screaming for more .

3. France Gall

About: France Gall is a popular French yé-yé singer. Gall was married to, and had a successful singing career in partnership with, the late French singer-songwriter Michel Hamburger, whose stage name was Michel Berger

An old favourite of mine but a love nonetheless.

4. Emmanuelle Seigner

About: Emmanuelle Seigner is a French actress, former fashion model, and singer. She is known for her roles in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Ninth Gate and Frantic.

<<I can’t get enough of this song ! >>

5. Maître Gims

About: Gandhi Djuna, better known by his stage name Maître Gims, is a French rapper. He is part of the rap group Sexion d’Assaut and he is currently developing his solo career with a major solo release, his solo album Subliminal.

A recent find of mine ! Even though I’m not really a big fan of rap I absolutely love Maître Gims’ music .

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out all the artists mentioned . 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What artists did I miss out ?

Sources : Wikepedia for About

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