3 back to school outfit ideas

Salut mes amis !

Today , after pondering on the ever approaching back to school day , I started to imagine what I would wear back to school when I get to sixth form . I am exactly one year away from that destination so I figured it isn’t bad to start outfit planning ; is it ? Anyway I hope that the following outfit sets will help a few of you who are blessed with the option to wear what you want . Enjoy :

1.Casual print


2. Fabulously Lazy


3. Francais chic

c600x592 (1)

I hope that you enjoyed all the outfit ideas 🙂 .

LaFortune xx

P.S What outfit did you like the most ?

4 thoughts on “3 back to school outfit ideas

  1. Hey Lola!

    Do you by any chance know where that skirt is from? Been looking of one like that everywhere but I can’t seem to find it! Great job on the blog by the way, absolutely love reading your posts!!!

    Sabi xxx


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