French Street Style : Françoise Hardy

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Salut mes amis !

Tomorrow is my French speaking exam, to be honest I am a bit worried about it. Not that I am terrible at French but it is the whole fact that I will be getting assessed on the language that I love. Hopefully , everything will go as planned and that my fears will not over take me .

As I write to you now , Françoise Hardy’s beautiful feather like voice fills my ears , lifting it up with sensations of absolute love and adoration for that Woman. I have always loved French music, any music for that matter . I love how we all grow up with a language that  we develop with full understanding or that we put to the side to explore others. The fact that we all have a way of communicating with each other in a special way , I do not know why but it’s a subject that I hold very close to my heart .

Music and art in itself is a language . A language that one uses to symbolise something that cannot be explained by words alone, rather it compliments the words/ sounds to create an emotion that hopefully everyone can understand. Maybe, that is not the point of the expression we call art , maybe it’s not that we must understand but that we must feel. Feel something deep inside that either compliments the ideas that we have been brought up with or challenges them ; not to change our believes but to strengthen them .

Today , I want to look at the styles that came about during the time of Françoise Hardy. Yes , yes . I have already touched upon the 1960’s and 1970s trends before. However, I really want to dwell on one of my style icons ,yeah you guessed it : Françoise Hardy. Ladies and Gentlemen , Hardy is the exact definition of 60’s/70’s French Fashion done right . Every photograph that I see of her back in the day , makes my jaw drop as the realisation of her stylishness reaches my Central Nervous System . I do not really feel like writing anymore as you just need to see the beauty that is her effortless style .

Ahhh, do you understand what I mean , what an absolute beauty ! If not check out more of Françoise Hardy on my Pinterest :

If you are wandering , my favourite song by Hardy is Message Personnel !

Thank you for reading ! I hope that you have gained some inspiration . 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Wish me luck on my French speaking exam ! or Is there a French artist that I should listen to ?

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