Moseart by Stromae

Saut mes amis !

Stromae, Stromae,  Stromae . Where do I begin? Stromae(Paul Van Haver )one of my all time favourite artists in the world. He is a Belgian born singer-song writer. His music literally speaks words of wisdom and joy to me . His serenading voice fills the air when I’m excited, when I’m lonely and when I am contempt with life. I seriously cannot into words how much I love this man ! The first song of his that I had heard was Papaoutai and I instantly fell in love with the messages in his music , the truth in his lyrics and the love in his heart. However my absolute favourite song is and always will be , Formidable. If you haven’t heard It yet please check it out here .

Recently, I was directed to the fact that my beloved Stromae as created a fashion line with Coralie Barbier  (his stylist). I am truly amazed about how incredible the Mosaert line is or as it is called ” Capsule 1 and 2″. Take a look for your self :











I hope that you love the collection as much as I did ! Thank you for reading .:)

LaFortune xx

P.S What musician are you amazed by ?

2 thoughts on “Moseart by Stromae

    1. I think there has been a misunderstanding,I was stating that Papaoutai was the first song that I had heard from Stromae. I believe that his first Single was “Alors on dance”. Thank you for commenting I should have been clearer. 😁

      LaFortune xx


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