.Lazy oaf.+Ramble

 Salut mes amis! 
Lazy Oaf is a graphic fashion label founded by Gemma Shiel , who after leaving University with a degree in textile design and screen printing began making t-shirts and selling them on a market stall. . This eventually turned into turning it into
a business (an amazing business). Read more about it here.
I am absolutely obsessed with Lazy Oaf, as their designs have this sort of cool-ness about them, I can not believe that I did not hear of them until recently because it is like they designed with me in mind (obviously not). With their new  collection “Lazy Oaf x Looney tunes” out right now(!), it has made me to fan girl even more. All the pieces seem to be just right and I am in love with how they have styled them for their website.

Ahh Isn’t it all just amazing! It is so nice to find brands/companies who take pride in incorporating graphics and abstract art into their designs. Yes, fashion itself is an art but art on art takes it to a whole other level. Now this is why I love fashion (art) because it is open to millions upon millions of interpretations from different perspectives.You might hate pattern and any such colour on a piece of clothing, while I might never turn up in head to toe, patternized -hey look a new word, but I still love it. Fashion is about feeling good , and dressing to your own imagination. Do you ever do this thing where you envision what you want to look like on a certain day, everything picked out in your head from your earrings to your boots or maybe it is a no make-up day. Oh now I am just rambling. All I am trying to say is have fun with fashion and play with different styles and colours and shades. Just build up your imagination doing it because I think that imagination is an amazing thing that people need to use more often in EVERYTHING that they do. haha #inpirationspeaker

Lafortune xx

P.S What is your favourite piece of the collection?

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