.Cause you know I’m all about the birds.

Salut mes amie! As I have been browsing through the internet I came across a few items that are a definite on my wish list so I decided to create n outfit with them!
Here it is:

White Half Sleeve Birds Print Loose Dress £9.94 (Sheinside) – I am absolutely in love with this Shift dress  , it was like it was made for me and is it just me but the price is incredibly low !! #bonus

Black Contrast Split Side Chelsea Shoe 


Boots £24.99 (New Look)- Let’s just take a 

moment and appreciate the designers of these shoes.

(In love)

Black Faux Fur Front Bowler Bag £24.99 (New Look)- Sometimes a girl needs something small and a staple in her bag collection. I’m I right , Ladies?

Nude Essie nail polish (my recommendation : tea & crumpets)- Wearing peach and beige nail polishes is a favourite of mine , I always feel chic and ele-gant wearing them.

That is all, Folks

Lafortune xx

P.S Which online store as got you mesmerised?

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