10 New Year Resolutions.

Happy new year mon amie!! Welcome to 2014 :). I can’t wait to begin a new year with new beginnings and changes .For some reason I think that 2014 will be one of the greatest year to come , maybe it’s because that is what everyone is saying . This year I would like to be more creative and share my love with every one else. But you will hear about that in my new year resolution list, so here I go .

1.Be more Healthy
Yes yes , this is a typical resolution that every one makes every year but never happens. However this year I really mean it . 2014 is the year that I ditch all the junk food and McD’s and start a new fitter and healthier lifestyle.

2.Be more creative
As I said in 2014 I want to be more creative. What I mean by this is that I want to do more DIY blog posts and instead of buying gifts I will make them. I haver noticed that I have all the resources and the right mind set to create things but I just don’t seem to as much as I wish.

3. Learn to not react to things so quickly but take time to respond.

4. Learn Japanese
This might seem like a random one but I’ve been trying to learn Japanese on and off but this year I think that I can do it.

5. Stop procrastinating.

6. Become more positive.

7. Try to be more confident.

8.Take more chances and opportunities
This links to number 7 because sometimes I get so many opportunities but I can never find enough confidence to go for them.

9.To listen more.
Listening is a quality that everyone should have or to try to improve.

10.Follow my dreams
Again this means I must take more opportunities and to try my very hardest in everything I do.

Thank you for reading through my 10 resolutions and I hope that your year is filled with joy and peace.

LaFortune xx

P.S What would you like to accomplish this year?

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