LFW SS14(London fashion week) recap !!

Salut mon amies! I know this is a little late but it’s never late to talk about fashion week. This fall shows have been amazing – my second fashion week that I was actually aware that it was going on. All the shows have been Amazing in their own cra-cra way, however everyone as there favourites don’t they?! As I am subscribed to vogue and get all the pictures straight from the runway I get to give you professional pictures (this is the bit where you scream with joy). One day I will be there .In the front row… of every show !! Ok , I need to stop rambling and get on to my Top favourites. Here we go….

First of we have ‘M.Patmos’ which is a brand that I have to admit I have never heard of before but when I saw the pictures of the show I questioned why. I don’t know why I love the collection I just do , the collection assists of pinky whites, over seized coats lets just say a pastel-ly mess of wonder. If you don’t believe me have a look:

Ta Daaa

My second favourite is ‘Clover Canyon’ which mixes prints.I love prints the impact a small print on a simple outfit is genius. Tell me what you think:

The last and definitely NOT least I bring you ‘Jena.Theo’. Yes Jena.Theo, my favourite brand in whole world (well after Chanel…of course). For SS14 they brought it, it was -and is AMAZZING. As you can see the collection is so amazing I can’t stop using CAPITALS. I think you guys should look before I Can’t stoP.

You see…AMAZZING. I better go before I bore you with an essay on how much I love Jena.Theo.

Bye Bye mon amies

LaFortune xx

(P.S What was your favourite moment in Fashion Week?)

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